BofA Prepaid Mobile App Reviews

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New Login??!

Don’t advertise that there’s an app if I can’t use my existing login. Seriously? Do your homework and roll out a complete product. Addendum: while registering for the new account anyway, I was forbidden from using any repeating characters OR sequential numbers... but it allowed ‘ballsack1’... why not just let me use my birthday already?

Nearly Useless

I can see when deposits are made or what other transactions have occurred, but you can’t make ANY transactions on the app. Why even bother downloading when I can use the mobile browser to do the same?


All I can do is see the balance. Cannot transfer or do any other transaction. The help screen say to click the money button to access functions. BUT THERE IS NO MONEY BUTTON!!! Don’t waste your time trying to use this useless app!


Why oh why do I have to recreate the user credentials? What’s the point of this app if I have limited controls, can’t transfer my funds to different accounts.

Pointless app

The only thing you can do with this app is check your balance. Very pointless

No Functionality

This app only allows you to view your balance, card activity, and personal info. You are unable to make transfers or change pin. Back to using the desktop site.

Money doesn’t show up in the app

Whenever a transaction takes place on the website to put money on the prepaid card it doesn’t show up as a new balance on the prepaid card app.


The point of a mobile app is to let a user have easy on-the-go access from anywhere to the same functionality they can get through a browser application. Where this app completely fails is that you have to create an entirely new set of login credentials unique to the app; you can’t use your existing web credentials. This is stupid. Why this app was even allowed to be released is beyond me - imagine if Amazon requires you to create two sets of credentials for one person. It makes no sense at all, therefore this app is useless to me. BofA appears to have thrown away money on this app, I’ve no earthly idea why they’d even release it with the above massive product flaw.


What is the purpose of this app? I downloaded and went to transfer funds to my bank, as I always do, and was unable to find that feature. Is is there and I just missed it?

Extremely poorly designed app

I created my account online, I downloaded the app and I’m ready to go...well you would think so but that is not really the way it happens here. The app won’t recognize my ID and password. I changed my password online and the app still will not allow me to log in. I tried ‘forgot user ID’ the app didn’t even send me an email to reset it. This really should not be so much work just to get started. I have worked with many other financial apps and have never experienced this kind of frustration. I didn’t even want to give the app a single star but there wasn’t an option for -1. This is the face of BofA and it isn’t making a good first impression. If BofA can’t make a good decision for an app design then they definitely shouldn’t be making decisions with my money. I will just stop by the branch, pull out all my money and put it into another firm who has a functioning app.

Why does the app even exist?

Other than showing a transaction history, what does this app even do? I was hoping to be able to set up bill pay and transfer balances to other B of A accounts, but this app has ZERO functionality! Absolutely useless! Would rate zero stars if possible.

Waste of time

I agree that this app should have the functionality to link to all of the existing account information so people don’t have to waste their time. However the biggest waste of time is the fact there is no option to make transfers. Why would anyone need this app? I just wasted 10 minutes on this. B of A should make sure they have a functional app before starting all of the annoying pop-ups to download it (which, by the way, don’t even properly link to the App Store). Isn’t there a lot of money in banking? Enough to create an app that works?

Not Working

I could not get pass the activation of my account with an existing card. The site was having a problem validating my address associated with the card. If I could give the application ZERO stars I would have.

Disconnect Between Online and the App

Well the app is easy to work. However, you have to create a new account even though you already have an online one. I feel the information should automatically import. Also, the app doesn’t have all the same options as the online account. Simple things like transferring money to another account should be available in the app as it is online, or whatever you have already added online should automatically import to the online app.

This app is horrible

It won’t allow me to transfer my funds like the website did and the website won’t complete the task because it keeps telling me about the app. The help button isn’t very much help either.

Transfer funds button

Why is there no way to transfer the funds from this account to another account. I can do it online but not on the app? This is option should be included on the app so everyone can do it on the app.

Pretty slim

I was excited to see this app available for the prepaid side and expected the same great functionality as the regular BofA app. I was very disappointed! There is no explanation of coming functionality. Why in the world would BofA allow the release of this app when all you can do is see balance and transaction history?? No backend look up either - you have to add your card manually. I almost didn’t go thru with it for fear that it was a scamming app. At a minimum there should be a disclaimer in plain sight that explains the lack of expected functionality that is standard in all banking apps.

App good but enabling is not

The app is good, but it’s a pain to enable/sign-up.

BOA Prepaid

Works for me. All I wanted to know is whats the balance and what posted without having to call in.

Can’t get pass the address

Why on earth would it not let me go pass the address. I have input my correct address and it still won’t let me continue. Very frustrating.

Not supported?!?

So my EDD is forcibly sent to me through BoA which is not my bank. I was thrilled to log onto the website and see a pop up for an app since I have no other reason to use my laptop. Upon download you’re apparently required to make a new user name. I’d think a corporation your size would have some transfer ability but why not put that back on the user if we can, huh? So I make a new account for just this app only to have it tell me that my card is not supported. Well it’s THAT card that I need to manage and THAT card that I was checking on on the EDD website which told me you now have an app for managing prepaid cards. It’s bad enough I’m forced to use BoA over my preferred bank but being treated like second class citizens or some sort of afterthought is getting tiring. I don’t feel like I’m treated as a customer by BoA more like the sibling you’re stuck babysitting and hate to be around. Why shouldn’t I have access to my card as well? My hard earned disability isn’t important enough for you? My merchant fees not good enough for you. I really thought “finally we’re being treated like people too! We get an app like everyone else.” Alas, no, this is for somebody else not us lowly EDD scabs.

This is the worst app in the App Store

Tried entering my user and password. App locked me out. Massage said wait 60 min to unlock my account. After an hour opened the app changed my password. App locked my locked me out for a second time. Called customer service. Customer service said they reset my password. Tried to enter temp password. App locked me out for a third time. Called customer service again. Rep told me there was not a 60 min waiting time. Read the email to the customer service rep verbatim. He told me still there was no 60 min wait to unlock my account and the first rep gave me a temp password for the website not for the app. It was a very frustrating conversation. I will DEFINITIVELY be deleting this app. If I could give the app and customer service ZERO stars I would!!!!!!!!

App is completely useless....

Reaching BofA Mobile Services, via telephone is like an exercise in futility. My existing website login credentials should always work with this app too. I’m not creating another profile, just to see my EDD balance on my phone. So glad I’m not a depositing BofA customer. Fix this glaring, poorly-executed inconvenience and maybe I’ll reload the app again.

So far excellent

I just installed this app on my iPhone 6 plus putting in my info again took less time than opening on the website. Activated the fingerprint option no problem. Opened and closed the app several times no problem. Signing in it didn't like my city retyped it all is good. Sure saves time. Thanks for the app.

No functionality

App is only useful to check tour account balance. Unable to transfer funds from this card to another account, still have to use desktop version. Not helpful for my needs.

Looks like nightmare.

Will not use until I see this app is useful. Just able to see your account info, is this a April fools joke.

Not worth it - QA was not done thoroughly

My address apparently incorrect and so I can’t move forward in creating a profile with the app. Pretty sure I know my address.

Log-in doesn’t work

I literally just logged in via desktop website and now my password has been rejected. Not sure what’s going on but even a password reset doesn’t work. Horrible app for something that shouldn’t be difficult - it’s a shame this is the only solution for users.

No Functionality

I’m curious as to why this app even exists, as it seems to have little to no functionality. About the only thing it is good for is to view the balance on the card, and the transaction history. There are no options for resetting a PIN, paying a third party, or even transferring funds into a different account. You’ll have to do that from their website. Luckily on the website there is an option for a “recurring transfer” to automatically transfer the full deposited funds into a different account. This pretty much makes the card and entire account superfluous. Unfortunately, there’s still the delay of a 3-day transfer period between deposit in the prepaid account, and your usual checking account.

Basic app without many features

You have to create a new username to use the app for some reason, but that’s quick enough. After logging in I realized all you can do is view your balance and cannot transfer $ to another bank account which is really what I’d like the app to do. App works fine on my iPhone 8 Plus, but again, super basic and probably won’t be using it often.

Don’t waste your time

This app is trash. It currently does not work on my iPhone 6

Who on earth wrote this app?

First of all, let’s just start off with why on earth existing card holders, with an existing account, are forced to creat a whole new login and reinput all their information? Would it not make a ton more sense to just enable logging in with existing credentials? Update: The developer has contacted me twice now to inform me that this will be coming in a future update. Obviously they don’t take their app seriously hence the reason no updates or improved functionality. Awesome job BoA, I’m glad you’re not my actual bank.

Nice app. Hope this would help me a lot.

Thanks BOF for new app.


I’ve been waiting for an app like this for a while I hated that I had to use the online browser to check my balance from my employer this saves tons of time

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